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Car Accidents and Injuries

If you have been in a recent car accident, you may most likely be experiencing pain or discomfort, while also worrying about needing to get your car fixed and finding a reputable attorney to handle legal matters. You might think you have to call your insurance company first to let them know what happened. Although insurance companies handle accidents through processing claims, their main goal is to get things done quickly and in the most cost efficient manner for them. If you've been hurt, you have to place your needs first and see a doctor right away.

At New Century Spine Centers, we'll ease your worries and help you get the pain relief you need. The doctors at New Century Spine Centers has successfully treated thousands of car accident victims and can help you as well. We also offer you a selection of trusted and experienced referrals for legal services. No need to waste precious time looking through the yellow pages or making frantic phone calls to friends or relatives for a personal injury attorney. We have an excellent network of expert attorneys ready to assist you with your car accident. In addition, we provide massage therapy, physiotherapy, and even have referrals for medical doctors, if the need arises.

When you've been in a serious car accident, it seems obvious to see a doctor if there are broken bones, excruciating pain, or bleeding involved. However, often times even minor car accidents can cause future medical conditions that are not at first apparent. It's important to get checked by a qualified doctor when you've been in a car accident. Consider the following story:

Sarah was in the car with her mother when a large truck lightly hit her car. There was a slight turn to the right in the road when the truck accidentally went into Sarah's lane and bumped her car. The accident was not major and the truck only seemed to bump her car. Sarah felt that she had no complaints of any injuries. Her mother urged her to see a doctor with her that afternoon just to make sure they're okay. Sarah insisted that she felt fine and had no reason to see a doctor to get checked. Within a week, Sarah began to experience frequent headaches, which was strange for her because she rarely ever has headaches, and they don't usually last. Sarah finally decided to be checked by her doctor, who confirmed that she had a subluxation caused by her recent car accident which accounted for the headaches she's been recently experiencing. After a short series of treatments, Sarah no longer had headaches and is back to her regular active life style.

Often times, we base the decision of whether to see a doctor after a recent car accident on the level of pain or discomfort we experience. However, some injuries don't actually "hurt" until they are allowed to progress. Pain can even be avoided if a car accident victim gets checked by a doctor right away.

Muscle spasms, subluxations, micro-trauma, and inflammation are ALL minor injuries that may feel painless to individuals but that can ALL lead to painful arthritis if not treated right away.

If you have been injured in a car accident and are experiencing pain and discomfort, seeking immediate care is vital in a successful recovery. Call our office today at

619-630-9153 and we'll be happy to answer all your questions to ease your worries, get you the proper care to get you out of pain, and provide you with an excellent referral for legal services.