Every year, thousands of patients with back and leg pain will seek care for sciatica neuralgia, or commonly known as sciatica. Most of the time these conditions clear up relatively quickly with spinal adjustments to the low back. But occasionally, a case of sciatica will prove to be chronic and difficult to respond.

SYMPTOMS: Not all leg pain is sciatica, but virtually all sciatica involves leg pain. Usually felt in the back of the thigh, calf, ankle and top or bottom of the foot, sciatica often causes sensations of burning, cramping, tingling, numbness and, depending on the level of acuteness, degrees of pain ranging from an aching nuisance to throbbing to extreme and overt pain. In severe cases, absent or diminished reflexes and wasting of muscles can occur. In rare instances, a patient can even lose bladder and bowel control.

CAUSES: Sciatica is usually the result of irritation on the sciatic nerve as it leaves the lower spine region. This irritation is caused by a misplacement of one of the vertebrae (back bone) or a loss of normal function of the vertebra. In turn, this results in the bones "pinching" the sciatic nerve, which accounts for the pain that's often felt. A swelling, protrusion or herniation of the disc can also pinch the nerve, and is also, of course, quite painful. Believe it or not, in some few cases sciatica can also be related to various non-spinal conditions, such as constipation, advanced diabetes, tumors and even some vitamin deficiencies. Other musculoskeletal conditions can result in a bout of sciatica. Acute sciatica is said to be the worst pain that a human has to endure next to stones in the renal ureter and childbirth.

TREATMENT: Most of sciatica conditions respond well to chiropractic care, some quicker than others. What's most important is to be accurately diagnosed as to which sciatica you may have. For example, in the extremely tough clinical condition of an actual herniation of an intervertebral disc, patients are generally in very acute difficulty, often completely disabled, barely able to arise from bed and in excruciating pain. These patients can require strong analgesics, and even narcotics often times don't give them adequate relief.

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