What Is Scoliosis?
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Scoliosis In Childhood
Scoliosis Treatments

What is Scoliosis

Scoliosis is defined as an unnatural curvature of the spine that can lead to all kinds of other problems if not treated in time. With scoliosis, the spine curves to the left or right into either a "C" or "S" shape. Often people with the typical "hunched" look are at the advanced stage of scoliosis and in fact, most people with scoliosis experience mild or no symptoms and unless diagnosed, scoliosis can be completely unseen to the inexperienced eye. However, mild scoliosis, even when completely unnoticed to the individual can progress to a worse stage if not treated in time. If this occurs, pain and discomfort usually follow.

Scoliosis Causes and Symtoms

As with so many other diseases that plague us these days, nobody really knows what actually causes scoliosis. Different theories have been posed by various doctors, scientists and chiropractors, but none of them have really stuck making it that much more difficult to actually come to a consensus about what the underlying cause of scoliosis is. However, researchers have come to a few conclusions. For example, girls have a much higher occurrence of scoliosis than boys do and in most cases scoliosis first springs up between the ages of ten and sixteen.

Because so many cases of scoliosis are very mild, most people who actually have scoliosis do not even experience a single symptom. However, for those with advanced cases of scoliosis, symptoms do appear. A person with a highly curved spine as a result of scoliosis may experience an obviously distorted posture, difficulty breathing and constant back pain when standing or seated.

Scoliosis can range greatly from the practically unrecognizable to the severe and life threatening. The extent of the curvature of a person's spine as a result of scoliosis is generally what causes all of the symptoms, so a person with a less curved spine will have far fewer symptoms than someone with a severe case of scoliosis. Usually you will first notice that a person with a more severe form of scoliosis will have one shoulder noticeably higher than the other, a head that will not be perfectly centered on the shoulders, and one shoulder blade that may appear higher than the other.

As scoliosis gets progressively worse, the ribs may look out of alignment, cause trouble breathing and be the primary cause of constant back pain. These symptoms only worsen for adults with severe scoliosis.

Scoliosis in Childhood

Scoliosis tends to worsen as a child gets older. Therefore, it is important for parents to have their child's spine checked for reassurance and to make sure that if your child does have a scoliosis that it is treated right away in order to prevent the curvature from getting worse. Imagine your child going into the teen years and not being able to partake in sports and other activities because he or she is in too much pain. It is recommended that your child get checked for scoliosis at an early age.

Scoliosis Treatments

If after you are diagnosed with scoliosis of the spine, treatment will be recommended according to the severity of the condition.

Before getting to the point of needing to wear a back brace or needing to have spinal surgery (in worst case scenarios), making an appointment with an experienced chiropractor who specializes in treating scoliosis is an excellent opportunity to receive effective care in a painless manner.

At New Century Spine Centers, The doctors at New Century Spine Centers specializes in delivering excellent results for patients with scoliosis. His unique treatment plan is individualized for each patient according to the severity of scoliosis diagnosed. Therefore, a patient with a mild scoliosis will receive a different treatment plan than a patient with a more progressed scoliosis. However, in all cases treated by The doctors at New Century Spine Centers, treatments are painless and patients usually feel no discomfort.

To make certain that neither you nor your child have scoliosis, call New Century Spine Centers today at 619-630-9153. In most cases, people with scoliosis experience no symptoms at all until the curvature progresses and gets worse. Do not delay and get your back or your child's back checked for Scoliosis.